DigitalGlobe under lucky star !

Some companies seem to have luck and other on the contrary. DigitalGlobe WorldView-2 satellite survived direct contact with space debris without even single scratch so it should be rather considered as ultimately lucky! According to Joint Space Operations Center, WorldView-2 Earth imaging satellite operated by DigitalGlobe survived hitting by several pieces of space debris. On 19 July JSpOC announced […]

Satellite images confirm the intensity of devastation caused by Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii: A river of hot lava fills up an entire ocean bay

Following the continuous eruptions at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, a massive flow of lava wiped out the neighborhood and filled the Kapoho Bay on Tuesday, 5th June. Satellite images released on Wednesday, 6th of June portrays the intensity of devastation caused in the region and around the bay.  Reports confirmed that hundreds are left […]