New life for Landsat-7 !

NASA designated Landsat-7 Earth observation satellite as objective for planned Restore-L mission. NASA is seriously planning robotic service mission on Low Earth Orbit. Since 2009 all NASA efforts which are referring to refueling, tuning or servicing satellites in space are developed by Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (SSCO). This institution remaining inside NASA and is able to […]

Green light for WFIRST

NASA has green light for developing project of new space telescope based on NRO spy satellite. WFIRST acronym stands for Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope and is NASA program for wide-field sky observation devoted especially to research on dark energy and exoplanets. Developed since 2010 space, telescope is designed as medium spacecraft with weight around 6000 kg, powered by solar […]

Ball Aerospace will assist NASA for developing Space Telescope

There will be a great role played by the Ball Aerospace in the next generation space telescope that will build by the NASA. This organization has won the contract of US$ 113.2 million for manufacturing the primary instrument parts for this telescope that is named Wide Field Infrared Survey (WFIRST). According to Claire Saravia, an […]