Roll-out of new Virgin Galactic SpaceShipOne !

VSS Unity, new spaceplane by Virgin Galactic was unveiled during the show in Mojave, California on 19 February 2016. Virgin Galactic is not developing its space touristic venture in such mysterious way as Blue Origin. Date of presentation second SpaceShipOne, named VSS Unity, was well known before. Whole show taken place in Virgin Galactic facility on Mojave, California. It was […]

Virgin Galactic’s Second SpaceShipTwo Makes Second Powered Test Flight Virgin Galactic is drawing closing to its plans to embark on space tourism and research flights. The company made a test flight on its SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane on May 29. The Spaceship named VSS Unity is the second spaceship built for the company. The spaceship launched […]

4 Wealthy Billionaires Trying to Make Space Travel a Reality 

Very rich people genuinely have more cash than they recognize what to do with, and like this go into some extraordinary headings with regards to discovering outlets for it. Bill Gates anticipates giving as much as he can to philanthropy, feeling like his riches will be better utilized as a part of these undertakings. Bernard […]