China focusing on commercial space industry

The Chinese government has been for long working to enhance its presence in the space industry launching rockets into space. But till date, the private firms in this nation was not active enough. However, in an urge from the government department and different other incentives, the Chinese private players have become active in the commercial […]

SpaceX and Others Create a Stiffer Competitive Atmosphere for Launch Contracts as Space Flights for Human Draw Near

The Pentagon, for about ten years, has relied solely on United Launch Alliance for satellites’ launching in space. The collaboration of Boeing and Lockheed Martin monopolized the lucrative market of launches until Elon Mask and his company SpaceX filed a suit to exercise his right to bid for launch contracts a couple of years ago. […]

VSS Unity Sets on its First Rocket-Powered Flight

Virgin Galactic conducted the first rocket-powered flight of the VSS Unity, its latest SpaceShipTwo spaceplane. Unity hit a speed of Mach 1.87 during the flight, breaking the sound barrier for the very first time. WhiteKnightTwo carried the Unity up to an altitude of 46,500′ and dropped SpaceShipTwo, which is powered by a hybrid rocket engine. The […]

Virgin Galactic Launches their New Rocket After its Original Spaceship’s Fatal Blast Off in 2014

Finally, Virgin Galactic successfully launched its new spaceship on Mojave Desert of California on Thursday. This is the first ever powered flight of the company since its original spaceship had a fatal crash in 2014. According to the company, the VSS Unity’s flight is the major stepping stone, which plans to carry out tourists on […]

Space Tourism: Fact or Fiction?

There are 6 spaceports in America alone and others all over the world. Spaceport America situated in New Mexico is the first commercial spaceport in the world. Bigelow Aerospace, an aerospace engineering company based in Nevada, approached the government of Canada about erecting a facility in their country. Orbital facilities are being promoted to governments […]

White House NASA Budget Proposal Funds Experimental Supersonic Plane

The White House recently released its budget proposal for NASA for the 2019 fiscal year. Part of the proposed budget includes full funding for the Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD), an experimental X-plane with supersonic abilities. Developers, and those following the project, believe it could eventually be used to transport commercial passengers at the speed of […]

First glide flight of VSS Unity already tomorrow !

Just after two years from tragic flight of VSS Enterprise, Virgin Galactic is going to perform test flight of their second SpaceShipTwo-class spaceplane tomorrow. According to, Virgin Galactic is going to finish lasting two years period without flights of their spaceplane and return to test flights campaign. After disaster of VSS Enterprise on 31 […]

Americans express confidence in what the private space companies are trying to accomplish  

According to a recent survey by the Pew Centre survey, many American citizens has expressed confidence on private space companies, that they will make a valuable contribution in the development of safe and reliable spacecraft or may be conducting researches in increasing space knowledge. Private players like the SpaceX, Blue Origin and the Virgin Galactic […]

On Tuesday 29th May, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo completes its second powered test flight

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo rocket plane recently contributed in setting new records for speed and altitude for the company’s test program on Tuesday. It happened during a powered flight which is over California’s Mojave Desert, and two test pilots helmed it. The primary focus of this latest SpaceShipTwo rocket plane flight test was to learn and […]