Eutelsat Forgoes ViaSat-3 investment, buys Konnect VHTS from Thales Alenia Space 

After a few months of protracted negotiations with Viasat, Eutelsat said that it would go alone on a new satellite instead of investing in the ViaSat-3 satellite on April 5.  Thales Alenia Space is building Konnect VHTS (Very High Throughput Satellite) in order to bring 500 Gigabits-per-second with Ka-band capacity to different markets all over […]

ViaSat is going to start ViaSat-3 (a satellite for Asia-Pacific region) this year 

On May 24, CEO Mark Dankberg said that Viasat (a satellite operator) is in discussion with several manufacturers to procure a third high-capacity satellite ViaSat. He also noted that designing Viasat-3 has been trickier than designing the earlier two.  ViaSat-3 is going to serve Asia-Pacific region. Dankberg said that while designing this satellite, they faced […]