Iridium to Deploy all Next generation satellites by Fall this Year

Iridium is hoping to that by September; they would deploy its next-generation satellite constellations. They also expect the satellites to be in service around the same period. The Chief Executive of Iridium, Matt Desch, revealed this in a conference call with reporters. He said it is possible to put the satellites in their planned orbits […]

Firefly Aerospace to Take Over Space Launch Complex 2 Pad in Vandenberg Air Force Base

Firefly Aerospace will take over a launch pad at the Vandenberg Airforce base in California. Delta 2 previously used the launch pad, and Firefly Aerospace will now take over since Delta 2 will resign soon. The U.S Air Force approved the small Texas-based launch vehicle developer, Firefly Aerospace. The U.S Air Force issued a “Statement […]

JPSS-1 delivered to orbit during second Delta II mission in 2017.

United Launch Alliance managed to launch Delta II with JPSS-1 from Vandenberg Air Force Base during third trial. First NOAA next generation weather satellite should be launched earlier this week but ULA twice was forced to postpone this mission. First time due the boats in the safety zone around Vandenberg and second time due the strong […]

JPSS-1 weather satellite delayed for at least four days

United Launch Alliance informed about postponing the launch of Delta II rocket with JPSS-1 satellite for at least four days. According to ULA reason for delaying launch of Delta II is problem with faulty battery of JPSS-1 satellite. It was decided yesterday to replace battery and specialists from Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. managed to […]

Minotaur-C delivers SkySat satellites during first mission after six years

After lasting six years break Orbital ATK Minotaur-C rocket raised over Vandenberg Air Force base with ten satellites under its fairing.  Perfect weather at SLC-576E launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base made possible first launch of Minotaur-C rocket since failed mission of 3110 model with Glory, KySat-1, Hermes and Explorer-1 satellites. Last time rocket also was […]

Delta 2 under preparations before launch Vandenberg Air Force Base

Delta 2 rocket soon will pass through encapsulation process with JPSS-1 satellite. Latest weather satellite designed and manufactured for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration soon will be encapsulated under Delta 2 payload fairing at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Satellite was already raised on special elevator to reach second stage of Delta 2 last Tuesday at Space Launch […]

NROL-42 delivered to orbit !

United Launch Alliance Atlas V (541) delivered today to orbit classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office after launch from Vandenberg Air Force base SLC-3 launch site. Finally Atlas V proved to be ready during final inspection before launch – this time booster caused no issues like on original launch date when ground service team found […]

NROL-42 and Atlas V delayed

Launch of the classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office was delayed due the technical reasons connected with launch vehicle. Launch of the NROL-42 was planned for today at 05:38 UTC from LC-3E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Rocket was ready at the launch site with payload encapsulated and attached with fairing on September […]

NROL-42 already on Friday

United Launch Alliance will deliver to orbit NROL-42 to orbit on Friday, September 22, 2017. Classified payload will be operated and controlled by National Reconnaissance Office intelligence satellite. Launch is planned for 05:38 UTC from SLC-3E launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force base in California. Payload will be satellite collecting radio signals from Molniya orbit […]

Joint Polar Satellite System, JPSS-1 arrives at Vandenberg Air Force Base

JPSS-1 arrived inside special container towed by lorry to Vandenberg Air Force Base from Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. facility in Boulder, Colorado. New weather satellite will be launched in November 2017. Launch of the first satellite of new weather monitoring system called Joint Polar Satellite System is planned for 09:49 UTC on November 10th, 2017. Delta […]