SpaceX and Others Create a Stiffer Competitive Atmosphere for Launch Contracts as Space Flights for Human Draw Near

The Pentagon, for about ten years, has relied solely on United Launch Alliance for satellites’ launching in space. The collaboration of Boeing and Lockheed Martin monopolized the lucrative market of launches until Elon Mask and his company SpaceX filed a suit to exercise his right to bid for launch contracts a couple of years ago. […]

Atlas 5 Rocket Prepared for High-Altitude Multi-Satellite Journey on Saturday 

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) team at Cape Canaveral are summarizing the final preps for the takeoff of the Atlas 5 rocket on Saturday evening, adding 3 United States military satellites straight to transmit an Orbital Bass of over twenty thousand miles across the Equator.  The Atlas 5 551 configuration features a five-meter payload fairing, […]

JPSS-1 delivered to orbit during second Delta II mission in 2017.

United Launch Alliance managed to launch Delta II with JPSS-1 from Vandenberg Air Force Base during third trial. First NOAA next generation weather satellite should be launched earlier this week but ULA twice was forced to postpone this mission. First time due the boats in the safety zone around Vandenberg and second time due the strong […]

Delta-2 and Flacon-9 catch another days of delay

Two reputable launch service providers are still suffering for minor problems with launching their vehicles what resultsg with another days of delay. United Launch Alliance with their Delta-2 rocket should deliver JPSS-1 weather satellite for NOAA on Tuesday, November 14, 2017. Unfortunately this time rocket was not launched again. Strong winds at SLC-2W at Vandenberg […]

NASA awards ULA and SpaceX with contracts for launching Sentinel-6A and Landsat-9

NASA announced that awarder ULA and SpaceX with contracts for delivering to orbit two satellites in 2020 and 2021. NASA has selected launch service providers and announced about planned launch dates. SpaceX was awarded with contract for delivering Sentinel-6A mission in November 2020 from SLC-4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. United Launch Alliance is going to launch […]

NROL-52 classified GEo communications satellite delivered to orbit by Atlas V

United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket delivered for the fifth time in 2017 today to orbit classified spacecraft for National Reconnaissance Office after flawless launch from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral. This launch was preceded by four not successful launch attempts which took place on October 5th, 6th, 7th and 14th. First two launch attempts were […]

Get ready for Atlas V/TDRS-M!

United Launch Alliance Atlas V with TDRS-M satellite under payload fairing was rolled out today at Cape Canaveral. Finally after problems with broken antenna, which appeared in the half of July TDRS-M was successfully encapsulated under the payload fairing of the Atlas V rocket (401 configuration); rocket was rolled out to the launch site. With almost […]