Donald Trump’s Space Force to protect Earth from Threats of Future Asteroid Impacts 

Alike the army, navy and the air force, Space Force as proposed by President Donald Trump becomes a reality, defying all odds, it would undoubtedly play an essential role in protecting Earth from the impact of an incoming asteroid.  A report released from NASA and other federal officers on 20th June, unveiled the responsibilities that […]

Trump revitalizes space exploration

President Trump has raised hopes for the United Nations to return to the space exploration vigorously. He has given all the positive vibes by reconstituting the National Space Council. This committee had become dormant during the administration of President Bush. The council’s chairman who also happens to be the vice-president, Mike Pence, and the new […]

National Space Council Will Transport Space-Junk Plan to Trump

Under the administration plan of Trump, the Commerce Department would be the top agency in the United States in tracking space objects and informing space users to possible collisions, taking over a responsibility conventionally managed by the Air Force.  The agency would also accept duty for tracking space debris while directing new, best practices to […]

Trump’s Space Force, a Terrible Solution to a Real Problem

The problem: U.S. military for almost everything depends on satellites – surveillance, intelligence, communications, and navigation and even for the correct and accurate guidance of its weapons (making smart bombs smarter with intelligent GPS satellites). In spite of all these, the satellites are susceptible to attacks and disruptions.  The decision to create the sixth branch […]