ISS after course correction !

International Space Station is after another orbit change, last one before planned for 7th September undocking of the Soyuz TMA-20M manned spacecraft with members of Expedition 48. Departure of the Soyuz TMA-20M is planned to release free space for Soyuz MS-02 planned to be launched with Expedition 49 members: Sergey Ryzhikov (commander) and Andrei Borisenko (first […]

Dragon docked, CRS-8 finished with success

Today SpaceX Dragon docked securely to International Space Station Harmony module. It is third visit of the spacecraft on ISS during last two weeks. At 11:31 GMT Dragon reached 63 m distance and started final approach to keeping point on 30 m from flying over South Africa International Space Station. Reaching keeping point was estimated […]

ISS repositioned and ready for scheduled Soyuz TMA-20M docking

Today International Space Station changed its position with utilization of Progress spacecraft engines. Today International Space Station performed successful orbit correction. Whole correction started at night hours, at 02:05 GMT. After receiving appropriate commands from ground control center, Progress spacecraft docked into ISS, turned on engines and started to move ISS into desired place. Engines […]