China’s Tiangong will Rival the ISS says Chinese authorities

China is building its version of the International Space Station, and they promise an extraordinary one. The Tiangong which translates as Heavenly Palace will possess massive technological capabilities. According to China, the Tiangong will rival the International Space Station that is operated by Russia and the United States. China’s space station is expected to launch […]

Long March rolled out with Tianzhou-1

This will be historical mission in the history of Chinese space exploration program – Long March 7 rocket will deliver to orbit first Chinese robotic cargo spacecraft during its second flight. Rocket was already rolled out from assembling facility at Wenchang Satellite launch Center. Roll out was performed on April 17 at 07:30 local time. Rocket […]

Tianzhou-1 finishes its mission in the waters of Pacific

Chinese robotic cargo Tianzhou-1 finished its first in the history mission after undocking from Tiangong-1 space station followed by destructive reentry over Pacific Ocean. Reentry of the vehicle was performed according to CNSA on last Friday, 22 September at 10:00 UTC after 155 days of the mission. Tianzhou-1 was launched to orbit on April 20, […]

Tianzhou-1 after refueling session

Chinese robotic spacecraft performed successfully another refueling of Tiangong-2 space station after docking which followed lasting 12 weeks solo mission. Tianzhou-1 robotic spacecraft continues its mission started on 20 April 2017. After first sessions of refueling performed on April 24, 2017 and solo mission which lasted for 12 weeks, vehicle is facing next mission objectives. […]

Tianzhou-1 performs rendez vous with Tiangong-2

After refueling finished last week, this time Tianzhou-1 robotic cargo spacecraft and Tiangong-2 space station separated for five hours to perform rendez vous maneuver. Tianzhou-1 conducted correct separation yesterday. Maneuver was performed completely without any engagement from Earth – both Tianzhou-1 and Tiangong-2 were relying only on their onboard computers during whole process. After releasing bolts […]

Second refueling of Tiangong-2 finished !

Tiangong-2 orbital space station passed through successful refueling done by first Chinese robotic cargo spacecraft – Tianzhou-1. First refueling was already performed on April 27, 2017. Remaining docked to Tiangong-2 since 22 April 2017 robotic cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 performed refueling procedure for the second time and transferred propellant to fuel tanks of the station. Process was […]

Tianzhou-1 docked to Tiangong-2 space station

After two days of space journey first Chinese robotic cargo spacecraft reached Tiangong-2 space station and managed to docked yesterday to docking port after rendez vous on 385 km Low Earth Orbit. Three days ago on Thursday, April 20th Long March 7 was launched from Wenchang Satellite Launch Center to deliver to LEO orbit Tianzhou-1 […]

Tianzhou-1 launched !

China launched their first robotic cargo spacecraft, Tianzhou-1, with resupply mission to remaining on 380 km orbit Tiangong-2 space station. This historical launch was performed at 11:43 UTC from Wenchang Satellite Launch Center today with Long March 7 rocket. This is large, long for 53 m modern Chinese rocket launched for the second time in […]

Tianzhou mission plan unveiled !

CNSA, Chinese space agency, decided to unveil plan of the mission of their first automatic cargo spacecraft which will be launched in following month to Tiangong-2 space station. According to official announcements given last Saturday, we know the plans for first resupply mission in the history of Chinese space program. Maiden mission is planned for […]