Detecting Alien Civilizations in Space

With the day to day passing by, Space technology is doing astounding and stupendous work to extend its limit. Nowadays, technologically advanced paraphernalia can assist scientists and researchers in excavating alien civilizations. Mainly the presence of satellites around the alien civilization (that is if they are found), will help in the detection process. These satellites […]

NASA Astrobiologist Expects to Find a New World with Life through TESS 

Dr. Vladimir Airapetian believes that the TESS hunting satellite has the big capability of finding a planet with life. Since the successful launch of TESS last Wednesday, the 100 experts are discussing the different factors that are influencing the life on planet Earth. The discussion was at the Environments and Terrestrial Planets Symposium Dr. Vladimir […]

TESS Nears its First Orbit Raising 

Last Saturday, the launching of NASA’s new hunting spacecraft mark is a success in the discovery of Exoplanets. Now, the aircraft is on its way towards the orbit of the moon. The process is going to be a two-month process that would yield discoveries of other Earth-like planets around  There are five thrusters inside the […]

NASA launches a planet-hunting craft in space

NASA’s indomitable and voluminous search for exoplanets has been made possible by the launch of the rocket named SpaceX Falcon 9. The orbit of TESS spacecraft is undeniably a useful one for the science mission of searching for planets residing near the stars in the galaxy. This is known as the Lunar resonant orbit. The […]