Telesat delivered to Vostochny Cosmodrome

Built by SSL Telesat small satellite was delivered to Vostochny Cosmodrome in Eastern Russia on November 8, 2017. Satellite is small communications spacecraft built by SSL subsidiary Maxar Technologies. It will be placed on by Soyuz-2 rocket during launch planned for end of November 2017. Spacecraft will be placed on LEO orbit and will extend LEO constellation […]

JAXA still is targeting for fiscal year 2020 with new H3 rocket

JAXA still continuing investigation on failure of Hitomi X-ray satellite mission, but times goes on and Agency still works on multiple different projects. Sometimes time and hard work is best remedy for wounded proud. H-II rocket is proven launch vehicle but it was clear that intensification of Japanese participation in space exploration (engagement in International Space […]

SpaceX busy schedule – Telesat launches already booked for 2018

One of signs of strong position of any launch service provider is number of scheduled launches. If we take a look on SpaceX, keeping this thought in mind, it should not be surprising why Elon Musk’s company is still one of the leaders on space market. Telesat, broadcasting company based in Ottawa, Canada, announced about signing […]

Japanese H-IIA rocket, launched on 07:51 GMT is continuing successfully its mission!

Today on 0751 GMT Japanese rocket H-IIA lifts off from Tanegashima Space Center. With Telstar-12V on atop, it is after correct separation with satellite at 1223 GMT. Telstar is starting its 15 year mission. Good luck Telstar and Telesat of Canada! JAXA breathed a sigh of relief today. First commercial mission of the H-IIA rocket passed just to the […]

Asian space race – Japan still on strong position – H-IIA launch on 24th November 03:23, 2015

JAXA is going to launch from launch site Pad 1 in Tanegashima, in first commercial mission HII-A rocket in upgraded version F29. The payload will be broadcast and telecommunication satellite Telstar-12V operated by Telesat Canada Ltd. JAXA HII-A workhorse again in action. This time payload is Canadian satellite Telstar-12V operated by Telesat. Company is well […]