North Korea plays same game – next rocket weapon tests

North Korea seems to develop ICBM missiles successfully and probably faster than it was predicted by western analysts. This time on 15 March 2016 North Korea decided (it would be more accurate to say that Supreme Leader decided) to perform two test launches of their medium range ballistic missile. Rockets were launched from Sukch’ŏn County […]

First Chinese commercial space company on horizon !

It seems that ultimately we will be able to separate Chinese military, civilian and commercial space program. It is highly possible that soon we will see establishing of first private space company in China. According to Xinhua news agency and their article from 15 March 2016, Chinese authorities are considering possibility of giving agree for establishing […]

New horizons to reach- next Chinese small launch vehicles in 2016 !

In spite of medium and heavy Long March rockets, China space industry is going to offer variety of adequate launch vehicles especially for being continuously downsized satellites. Please take a look on picture above and imagine that this man is holding imaging satellite. It weighs around 1 kg. Compare it to payload capacity of medium sized […]