Minor problems during today’s ISS spacewalk

Problems with Tim Kopra space suit caused earlier termination of spacewalk. This spacewalk should be as usual successful for 100%, but technical issues caused that Tim Kopra and Tim Peake were ordered to come back to Quest airlock. Main objective, removing and reinstalling Sequential Shunt Unit – SSU, was accomplished, life and health of both […]

Get ready for tomorrow spacewalk on ISS !

Tomorrow scheduled spacewalk for servicing ISS is confirmed. Let’s have a look for latest objectives of first EVA on 2016. First and main objective for Tim Kopra and Tim Peake is unchanged. After leaving ISS on 13:55 GMT they will start changing broken Sequential Shunt Unit – SSU. Next point of spacewalk will be installing […]

NOAA-16 satellite became a space debris

It is highly probable that decommissioned satellite NOAA-16 increased number of space debris. Joint Space Operations Center announced such information on 25 November 2015. NOAA-16 is one from TIROS weather forecasting satellites, operating under National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA-16 was launched on atop TITAN-II rocket on 21 September 2000. It was remaining operational since March 2001 on 870 […]