SpaceX Planned to Launch Falcon 9 

SpaceX equipped its Falcon 9 rocket for future takeoff to launch an effective planet-hunting satellite to monitor the light from stars. Its aim is to find habitable planets that are worthy for further studies by more space-based or ground observatories.  Falcon 9 carries the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) that is worth $337 million. As […]

Looking for Space-Related Jobs? New Opportunities for Leading Space Companies Wait!

The leading companies such as SpaceX, OneWeb, Blue Origin and Moon Express in Central Florida are looking for a new member to land any space-related jobs and be with the team. This is your chance to literally reach for the stars and the moon up there. They are offering high-paid tech jobs and mainstream jobs, […]

The Space War is Over and Guess Who Won 

The premier space agency of India, Indian Space Research Organization has developed a reputation for launching countless rockets into cosmos at a very convenient cost. The consequence effect? Many customers from around the globe have come assembling to afford the economic market of India – launching services and this has assisted the nation to make […]

New Government Probe Found Out SpaceX is Not Obliged with the Zuma Spy Satellite Loss

In the early days of January, the rocket company, SpaceX obstinately denied the rumors that they had botched operation in the launching of Zuma, a classified spy satellite. Now, there is a new government investigating body the cleared the rocket company for the incidence and said that they should not be the one to take […]