Over three hundred new pieces of space debris on the Earth’s orbit !

Telling that space debris problem is growing annually will not be adequate – pace of  increasing number of pieces of space debris is really impressive. From last week number of space trashes rapidly increased for 351 ! The Joint Space Operations Center, American institution which is monitoring number of space debris pieces remaining on the Earth’s […]

New Spacecraft Undergoes Tests before the Space Junk Cleaning Mission

Image Source – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d8/S4-space-junk-045.jpg Human beings have been polluting the planet for many decades, but now they have started polluting the outer space as well. Recently, we saw many news channels and newspapers talking about the issue of space junk and how it can be a threat to the astronauts and spacecraft.  Space junk refers […]

Astro-H started to generate debris !

Remaining silent Japanese X-ray observation satellite Astro-H generates debris; chances for the resumption of communication are low. According to Joint Space Operations Center tweet, problems with Astro-H are not only connected with communication problems. In spite of fact, that Astro-H is not responding to ground control station, satellite started to generate debris. For the first time it was spotted […]