Falcon has landed – CRS-8 started with full success !

SpaceX showed with this mission how perfect could be commercially performed launch. This mission could serve as example when everything went according to plan. Just forty minutes before launch weather was described with only 10% chance for “not go”. Visibility was at 11 km with almost cloudless sky. Temperature in Cape Canaveral was around 23°C and wind […]

Falcon static fire complete, BEAM packed and ready to flight

SpaceX is preparing their third mission in 2016 – CRS-contracted flight to International Space Station. Good news from SpaceX – everything is going according to plan before launch planned for Friday, 8th April 2016 on 20:43 GMT. Static fire test was performed today by SpaceX specialists at night in Cape Canaveral. Rocket was placed on launch […]

Third SES-9 launch attempt not successful – current status “TBD”

SpaceX and SES-9 are really bad luck – third launch attempt was halted due the problems with LOX temperature just before lift-off. SES-9, launch cancelled – it starting to sound like deja vu. Again mission was aborted, but this time it seemed that engines will not even start. Next launch window was not announced, SpaceX […]

Static tests of recovered first stage of Falcon-9 successfully completed!

After recovering first stage of Falcon-9 from last mission, SpaceX was waiting to perform static tests to confirm that everything is ready for next flight. Now we know – reusable technology is working! Basically as we know, reusable technology is based on conception of using same first stage of the rocket in multiple launches. It is […]