Falcon-9 FT launched from SLC-40, Dragon delivered to orbit !

There was no surprise – Falcon-9 FT was successfully launched and delivered Dragon unmanned robotic cargo spacecraft to parking orbit. Spacecraft already started its journey to International Space Station with 2400 kg of payload including supplies, scientific experiments and International Docking Adapter inside unpressurized trunk in service module. At 04:21 GMT Falcon-9 FT was still […]

CRS-9 is getting close !

Falcon-9 1.2v remains ready at SLC-40 launch site at Cape Canaveral AFS with Dragon robotic cargo spacecraft under payload fairing. Only hours are separating us from beginning of the CRS-9 mission to International Space Station. According to weather forecasts given yesterday for Cape Canaveral, we have cloudless sky, mild wind and warm air-everything seems to […]