Iran launches Simorgh rocket from Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center

Last Thursday on July 29 Iranian News Agency and Iranian Space Agency announced about launching their latest rocket called Simorgh (Phoenix). Start took place at recently opened Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center in Semnan Province in Northern Iran. Simorgh is latest from group of previous Iranian carrier rockets launched in previous years: Safir-1, Safir-1A and Safir-1B. It […]

Project of Iranian spacecraft entered new phase

After 3 years delay of Iranian program of sending man into space reached next level of development after finishing conceptual design phase. Unfortunately along with that date of launching manned vehicle was moved in time. On June 22, 2016, in Tehran, Iranian scientists working for ISA (Iranian Space Agency) finished successfully first phase of development of their […]

Iran probably prepares maiden flight of Simorgh rocket in Semnan Space Center

It seems that news from February is confirmed by other source. Commercial camera installed on International Space Station spotted intensive movement in Semnan Space Center (Imam Khomeini Space Center) located around 200 km on East from Tehran. Semnan was planned as place for testing new Iranian medium launch vehicle – Simorgh SLV rocket. Previous news from […]