Observe the Earth’s Air, Land, and Sea with the help of Europe’s New ‘Sentinel’ Satellite 

The Sentinal-3B lifted off from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome of Russia, about 800 kilometers North of Moscow, at 1757 GMT local time 8:57 pm. The spacecraft was lifted to the orbit by a Rocket. If everything happens as planned the Sentinel-3B which weighs about 1,150 kilograms (2,535-lb.) will reach and will be placed on the polar […]

Sentinel-3A launched !

Sentinel-3A, observation satellite devoted to ocean and weather monitoring program was launched successfuly on yesterday evening. Launch was performed from Plesetsk cosmodrome in Russia, from launch site 133/3 exactly forty seconds later then it was planned. At 17:57:40 GMT on 16 February 2016 Rokot rocket took off from Plesetsk. Targeted orbit for Sentinel-3A is characterized with […]

EDRS-A after delay will start on 25th January 2016

European Data Relay System developed by European Space Agency and Airbus Defense and Space (former Astrium) will start operating after launching Eutelsat-9B satellite with first part of the system as secondary payload. It is trivial to say that communication is crucial in our world. In every aspect of our life communication became determinant of the […]

Thales Alenia Space wins contract worth €402 million

End of this year seems good for Thales Alenia Space. After signing agreement with O3B for additional satellites (You can read about it here), just before Christmas, Thales Alenia Space gets another contract, worth even more. Thales Alenia Space will again participate in Copernicus program. Company will for sure use their experience during first series of Copernicus satellites […]