Satellite Confirms Something Distinct in the Air over India

Sentinel-5P satellite, a new European Satellite, launched last October to track air quality worldwide, reported something very distinctive about the quality of air over the Indian sub-continent and the surrounding countries in South Asia.  The elevated concentrations are of the presence of formaldehyde, the colorless gas, something that is released by vegetation naturally but also […]

Sentinel-5P delivered to orbit after 27th flight of Rockot

Rockot launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome Site 133/3 delivered to orbit ESA Sentinel-5P remote sensing satellite. Another launch of satellite operating under Copernicus ESA’s Earth observation program. Sentinel-5P is sixth Sentinel spacecraft launched in the history of Copernicus program and second after Sentinel-2B launched in 2017. Sentinel-5P was built by Astrium as prime contractor. Satellite will […]

Sentinel-5P launch delayed and scheduled for August 2017

Next satellite operating under Copernicus program will not be launched according to schedule. Sentinel-5P, which should reach orbit on the top of the Rockot launch vehicle in June this year will be launched two months later. This launch was contracted by ESA, operator of the Copernicus, to Eurockot Launch Services GmbH, joined venture company owned   by EADS Astrium […]