Europe to Launch a Satellite for Ocean Monitoring

Europe will launch a satellite to keep an eye on the Earth’s oceans under severe pollution and extreme damage caused by people. Also known as the orbiter, Dubbed Sentinel-3B will be the seventh in the Copernicus Earth-monitoring satellite constellation.  With Sentinel-3A, its counterpart satellite launched in 2016, the workhorse will be able to deliver data […]

New Sentinel Rocket launched under Earth-observation program

A new spacecraft have been initiated into the space named as the Sentinel-3B. This satellite was launched with the help of the Rocket from Russia’s Plesetsk Cosmodrome, a little north of Moscow, on 25th April. The primary purpose of this satellite is to observe the earth’s surface – both land surface and water surface. It […]

Sentinel-3A launched !

Sentinel-3A, observation satellite devoted to ocean and weather monitoring program was launched successfuly on yesterday evening. Launch was performed from Plesetsk cosmodrome in Russia, from launch site 133/3 exactly forty seconds later then it was planned. At 17:57:40 GMT on 16 February 2016 Rokot rocket took off from Plesetsk. Targeted orbit for Sentinel-3A is characterized with […]

Sentinel-3A launch today !

Planned for today launch of the European Observation satellite Sentinel-3A, part of the Copernicus program, will be performed according to schedule at 17:57 GMT from launch site 133/3 in Plesetsk cosmodrome. Sentinel-3A is part of, being still under development, European program for creating constellation of observation satellites. It was designed by Thales Alenia Space with utilization […]

European eyes see better- Rokot launch with Sentinel-3A atop planned for January 2016

ESA weather satellite Sentinel-3A will be launched from launch site 133 in Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia.  European earth observation program called Copernicus, is reaching another point in the development. ESA planned launching next satellite in the cooperation with Eurockot joint-venture Company on January 2016 after postponing from December 2015. Sentinel-3A was designed by Thales-Alenia Space specially for weather forecasting […]