NROL-37 delivered on atop of Delta IV Heavy during its 32nd flight !

Impressive start, classified payload-this is short sum up of NROL-37 mission which started today from Cape Canaveral. Finally after 48 hours delay Delta IV Heavy lifted off from SLC-37 in Cape Canaveral AFS. At T-4′ rocket was already fueled and ready for delivering to orbit top secret payload for National Reconnaissance Office. Weather was described […]

Requirements cost – NROL-37 scheduled on 27th April 2016

ORION-9 satellite created for National Reconnaissance Office will be launched utilizing DELTA IV HEAVY. Mission planned launch site is SLC-37, Cape Canaveral AFS. As usual National Reconnaissance Office does not disappoint and gives rise to speculating.  According some sources this time, planned payload will be Orion satellite. It would be ninth from Orion series so scheduled […]

New tentacle for blind octopus? – Next NROL-45 mission already on 10th February 2016

National reconnaissance office planned launch a satellite in the mission NROL-45 with United Launch Alliance DELTA IV Medium+ (5,2) from launch site SLC-6 in Vandenberg. We do not have to wait long for next launch for National reconnaissance office. As usual payload is highly classified but according to some sources this time Topaz-4 satellite will […]