Reaction Engines and SABRE – will we see SABRE in regular jet planes before adopting it to Skylon ?

British company Reaction Engines Limited based in Oxfordshire announced about plans for creating scaled version of their SABRE engine especially for test and potentially commercial purposes. Reaction Engines is in a clear upward phase of its development. Company after years of independent developing SABRE technology, which in simple words gives opportunity for using atmospheric air as oxidizer […]

British alternative – BAE Systems invests in Reaction Engines Limited

British company Reaction Engines Limited announced on 2nd November 2015 that new agreement with BAE Systems was signed. Reaction Engines Limited is responsible for designing Skylon spaceplane and agreement is targeted for strengthening and streamlining cooperation between REL and BAE in further development. As we can read on REL site: “The working partnership will draw […]