ISS – Men on board! – Soyuz TMA-19M atop Soyuz-FG launch planned on 15th December 2015

SOYUZ FG rocket will be launched with Soyuz TMA-19M to ISS. It is planned expedition with two astronauts: Tim Kopra (USA) and Timothy Peake (GB) and cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko (RUS) from Baikonur, Kazakhstan (launch site LC-1). Different countries, different experiences. Sounds like trivia but it well describes  expedition 46/47 for ISS with launch planned from […]

Atlas V with NROL-55 already tomorrow!

NROL-55 mission for National Reconnaissance Office will be launched on 8th of October 2015 from Vandenberg, California. It will utilize United Launch Alliance ATLAS V rocket. Next classified mission is starting on 8th October from  Vandenberg AFB SLC-3. As usual with NRO mission payload   has not been made public. Auxiliary payload is known – thirteen Cubesat  satellites […]