ESA will invest in SABRE !

 Famous UK based company, Reaction Engines Limited, acquired additional funds for development of their futuristic engine, which could be base for future single-stage-to-orbit reusable vehicle. It is another success of REL after announcing about planned financial engagement of BAE Systems into development process of SABRE on November 2nd, 2015. BAE planned to invest around £20 million […]

DARPA budget request under sign of scramjets

DARPA is still considering scramjet propulsion, with particular emphasis of universal turbojet-scramjet type, as future for missiles and space vehicles. It is not very hard to spot difference between technologies and general trends in USA civilian and military. It is result of different perspectives of NASA and US Air Force, different objectives and different methods […]

British alternative – BAE Systems invests in Reaction Engines Limited

British company Reaction Engines Limited announced on 2nd November 2015 that new agreement with BAE Systems was signed. Reaction Engines Limited is responsible for designing Skylon spaceplane and agreement is targeted for strengthening and streamlining cooperation between REL and BAE in further development. As we can read on REL site: “The working partnership will draw […]