Progress planned undocking and microgravity experiment for 29th March 2016

Roscosmos is not going to waste Progress spacecraft docked to International Space Station and let it burn in atmosphere – it has science mission ! Good science experiment is such experiment which could be performed for free – surely falling apple which was spotted by Isaac Newton was not very expensive. Unfortunately in space, every […]

International Space Station maneuver before next docking planned on 17th February

Necessary maneuver of ISS before next docking of Soyuz TMA-20M is planned for 17th February 2016. It was announced on 1 February 2016 that ISS would change its orbit due the planned for March series of activities with visiting spacecrafts. Maneuver will start on 17 February 2016, commands will be sent from RKA Mission Control Center placed in Korolyov, […]