Funding Setback Causes Planetary Resources to Re-Evaluate Their Plans

Planetary Resources has been developing technology they hope to use for asteroid prospecting. In January of this year, the company successfully launched an Arkyd-6 CubeSat aboard an Indian Polar Satellite Launch vehicle. This CubeSat contained six units and was developed to prospect and extract resources from asteroids. In addition to its infrared instrument, the CubeSat […]

Luxembourg becomes minor shareholder of Planetary Resources

Government of Luxembourg decided to acquire even up to 49% of shares of American Planetary Resources space mining company. It is next step in announced recently plans for establishing public-private partnership for developing technologies and starting serious space exploration-space mining on asteroids (Near Earth Objects). On 13 June it was announced by Planetary Resources, Inc. that […]

Strength of the consequence – Luxembourg sets $223 million to space mining

After announcing on February 3, 2016, by Vice Prime Minister of Luxembourg Etienne Schneider, that Luxembourg is going to change their law to promote space mining and exploration, it was clear that Government would like to participate with commercial companies under public-private partnership. After four months later we can see that authorities of Luxembourg are highly […]

No fear of asteroids – Luxembourg starts asteroid mining plan !

Some countries are developing programs of early warning of asteroids. Luxembourg would like to change asteroids from the threat into a source of profit. Maybe this fact is not well known, but Luxembourg with population of slightly over 520000 is quite important player on satellite market. With LuxSpace, operator of constellation of probe satellites and […]