The US Offers to Use its Space Suits Instead of Russian for Spacewalks

The United States offers to use its US-made space suits instead of the Russian-made Orlan suits in conducting spacewalks outside the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway. According to the source, the foreign partners explained the request because Russia is not producing space suits which are designated for the Moon, also noting that keeping two different sets of […]

Surprising problems during MS-04 mission – Progress lost !

Mission of the Progress MS-04 showed, that even routine mission could bring unpredicted problems. Mission was planned as regular supply flight with fourth from the latest generation of Progress cargo spacecrafts combined with proven and reliable Soyuz-U rocket. Launch was scheduled to be conducted from legendary Gagarin’s Start (Launch Site 5/1) at Baikonur Cosmodrome. Soyuz-U […]