NASA Uncovers Its Plans On Having Astronauts Orbiting The Moon In 2025   

It is expected that NASA will be very busy in 2019. During the Space Symposium conference in Colorado Springs, William Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator revealed that NASA would start awarding contracts for its lunar “Gateway” project. Its main goal is to have four astronauts that will orbit around the moon in 2015.  NASA has already started […]

NASA’s mission of sending crew into deep space may incur a lot of cost.

According to reports NASA is soon going to launch its first astronauts into the deep space since the Apollo Program space Launch system rocket was planned. Till now this news has no official confirmation from NASA. Few weeks’ back a speculation was reported that mission planners at the space agency have started designing the Exploration […]

NASA waits for propulsion test module for the Orion spacecraft program.

Program of Orion spacecraft, joint project by NASA and ESA, reached another milestone. Airbus Defence and Space announced that delivered for further tests to NASA The Propulsion Qualification Test Model (PQM), necessary for further testing Orion European Service Module (ESM) and its propulsion subsystems. As European Space Agency is key partner for Orion project; Airbus […]

NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr at ESA Council – will ESA still participate in ISS ?

Multithreaded and enthusiastic speech given by NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr at ESA Council on June 15, 2016, put new light on NASA intentions as far as ISS is concerned. Now it is time for ESA response! On June 15, 2016 during final day of ESA Council meeting in ESA headquarters in Paris, one of […]

NROL-37 delivered on atop of Delta IV Heavy during its 32nd flight !

Impressive start, classified payload-this is short sum up of NROL-37 mission which started today from Cape Canaveral. Finally after 48 hours delay Delta IV Heavy lifted off from SLC-37 in Cape Canaveral AFS. At T-4′ rocket was already fueled and ready for delivering to orbit top secret payload for National Reconnaissance Office. Weather was described […]

Last three Cubesats for SLS unveiled !

Space Launch System, first modern American rocket able to lift payload beyond Earth orbit, will deliver during its maiden flight piggyback payload consisted of 13 Cubesat satellites. Ten places are booked by spacecrafts designed in USA, three places were provided for international partners. Now we know who won chance for putting Cubesat satellite into deep […]

Mars orbital base – new concept by Lockheed Martin

Companies from space industry started to bid – after conception of lunar space station by Orbital ATK we have new idea by Lockheed Martin: Mars orbital camp! It seems that NASA will not cry after International Space Station for a long time – new plans and conceptions offered by American companies look impressive. If they will be […]

Russian “Federation” spacecraft after first tests of man-machine interface

Even if present time is not easy for Russian economy, it should not be forgotten that Yuri Gagarin performed his first space flight only 16 years after World War II when Soviet economy was still in state of shock after World War II. Russian space industry had and has great potential; it still remains a one of the […]

CNES and DLR on ISS – momentary doubt whether the long-lasting crisis

At the beginning of January 2016, CNES and DLR declared in two different statements one idea – ISS will not remain focal point for space agencies of France and Germany. Is it beginning of the end for ISS, after decision of the Roscosmos of reducing funds for International Space Station maintenance? On 4 January 2016 […]

Orion spacecraft EM-1 mission with no delay

NASA and main contractor Lockheed announced that one of the program milestones of has been reached. Orion spacecraft and SLS launch vehicle are great hopes of NASA. After rising budget for these two projects for 2016 fiscal year, news about reaching important point in project development is confirmation about possibility of NASA to keep the […]