Obama’s wish list – first men on the Mars in 2030s

President of United States, Barack Obama, presented his vision of American space program in full of enthusiasm and personal memories letter published yesterday by CNN. In the end of his second presidential term President Obama apparently wanted to take his toll on American space program and highlight own merits. His letter published by CNN yesterday, two days before the White House Frontiers […]

Cygnus “record” launch from Cape Canaveral buttoned up!

NASA is utilizing every cubic centimeter and every gram of available payload capacity in every planned Cygnus mission. But first time in its history, Cygnus will lift such large payload. This mission will be exceptional not because of objective and payload (revealed amongst others in this post  https://newsspaceflight.com/?p=10505). On 3rd December, Cygnus spacecraft named SS Deke Slayton II, […]

Return of the pioneering solution – Pegasus mission scheduled on 2016

Orbital ATK has scheduled mission utilizing their first launch system, Pegasus. It will lift to LEO orbit satellite under Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) program. Launch is planned for October 2016. After three years of pause in Pegasus mission, Orbital ATK will utilize their air-launched rocket in commercial mission. It will be, contracted with NASA, […]

Cygnus debut in 2016 – logistic mission to ISS planned on 30th March 2016

Atlas V (there is possibility of utilizing Antares rocket) with Cygnus atop will resupply ISS on 30th March 2016. Launch is planned from launch site SLC-41 in Cape Canaveral. Orbital Science is second after SpaceX American Company realizing supply missions to ISS. It is quite interesting to compare products of two commercial companies, especially due the […]

Practice makes perfect – SpaceX supply mission for ISS scheduled on 29th February 2016

Another launch with supplies for ISS with unmanned DRAGON spaceship from launch site SLC-40 in Cape Canaveral utilizing Falcon-9 1.2V rocket. ISS supply missions are good example of growing contribution of commercial vehicles in government programs. Since ISS program was started in 1998, about eighty unmanned cargo vehicles docked to ISS. Adding another eighty for manned missions […]

Preparing for guests – Cygnus OA-4 resupplying mission begins on 3rd December 2015 at 05:55

United Launch Alliance is planning to launch Cygnus OA-4 spacecraft with 3500 kg of payload utilizing ATLAS V rocket. Atlas V with Orbital’s Cygnus spaceship providing supplies for ISS since 2013. Generally Cygnus construction is based on two modules: Pressurize Cargo module and Service Module (SM). Cargo module with capacity of 18 cubic meters (there is planned […]