SpaceX and Others Create a Stiffer Competitive Atmosphere for Launch Contracts as Space Flights for Human Draw Near

The Pentagon, for about ten years, has relied solely on United Launch Alliance for satellites’ launching in space. The collaboration of Boeing and Lockheed Martin monopolized the lucrative market of launches until Elon Mask and his company SpaceX filed a suit to exercise his right to bid for launch contracts a couple of years ago. […]

Next ISS resupply mission is scheduled for May 20

The next supply mission to the International Space Station is scheduled for May 20. Orbital ATK will provide the launch vehicle for this mission. The vehicle will take off from Wallops Island, a state-owned spaceport on the eastern shore of Virginia. Orbital ATK will embark on the mission via their Antares 230 rocket. The trip […]

Orbital ATK Names its New Rocket as OmegA 

Orbital ATK announced the name of its new and world-class rocket: OmegA, which is meant for the Air Force’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program in the U.S.  OmegA is specially designed to send approximately 22, 266 pounds to a particular geosynchronous transfer orbit. It can also send 17, 196 pounds to a specific geostationary equatorial […]

Cygnus OA-8 delivered to orbit !

First success of Antares-230 in 2017; rocket delivered to orbit Orbital ATK Cygnus “Gene Cerman” to low earth orbit. Postponed from November 11 due the violation of safety zone around Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport launch was performed successfully today. Fourteenth mission from MARS LP-0A placed on Wallops Island  was also part of extension program. It let NASA to […]

OA-8 cargo mission to International Space Station postponed for 24 hours

Planned for 11:37 UTC today to launch of Antares rocket with OA-8 Cygnus robotic cargo spacecraft was postponed for Sunday, November 12 due the plane violating the restricted area. First in 2017 mission of Antares rocket seemed to reaching successful final, but in the last minute before igniting its two powerful RD-181 engines, mission control […]

Minotaur-C delivers SkySat satellites during first mission after six years

After lasting six years break Orbital ATK Minotaur-C rocket raised over Vandenberg Air Force base with ten satellites under its fairing.  Perfect weather at SLC-576E launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base made possible first launch of Minotaur-C rocket since failed mission of 3110 model with Glory, KySat-1, Hermes and Explorer-1 satellites. Last time rocket also was […]