Satellite Internet by Facebook

The news was surfacing in the recent past that Facebook is on the verge of implementing an internet satellite in the outer orbital world. This will help in boosting the connectivity and bringing better access to the internet. Working along with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg may head to head lead in the space. FCC filings […]

Facebook might be hatching covert plans to make an entry into satellite-based internet

Joining OneWeb and SpaceX, Facebook might soon be able to provide internet services using satellite. An inquiry filed with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the week before, brought to light details regarding an experimental satellite from a not so well known company by the name of PointView Tech LLC. Named Athena, the spacecraft will provide data […]

Looking for Space-Related Jobs? New Opportunities for Leading Space Companies Wait!

The leading companies such as SpaceX, OneWeb, Blue Origin and Moon Express in Central Florida are looking for a new member to land any space-related jobs and be with the team. This is your chance to literally reach for the stars and the moon up there. They are offering high-paid tech jobs and mainstream jobs, […]

Cosmic Girl with new make-up – Virgin Galactic starts modification of their motherplane

Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic still are going strong with simultanously developing touristic and cargo launch vehicles. Virgin Galactic continues developing not only own space touristic program, but puts stress also on their commercial launch service project. After presentation of SpaceShipOne on 19 February 2016 (You can read more here), the time has come for […]