Take Me to The Moon

Trump is becoming a loser and the most detested figure in his tweets. Donald Trump lives in a strange time. He wants the United States of his childhood and youth back. That is one of the reasons why he wants to send a manned ship back to the moon, according to an unspecified order regarding […]

Obama’s wish list – first men on the Mars in 2030s

President of United States, Barack Obama, presented his vision of American space program in full of enthusiasm and personal memories letter published yesterday by CNN. In the end of his second presidential term President Obama apparently wanted to take his toll on American space program and highlight own merits. His letter published by CNN yesterday, two days before the White House Frontiers […]

SLS going strong – NASA budget for Space Launch System increased !

NASA announced on 4th November 2015, that SLS budget for 2016 will be increased from $1.695 billion even to $1.9 billion.  Good news is always welcomed, but information about increasing research budget is splendid. One of most significant element of NASA strategy of development (especially if Mars missions are considered) was creating new rocket able to lift […]