OA-7 mission ends with destructive reentry burn of Cygnus spacecraft

Orbital ATK Cygnus S.S. John Glenn spacecraft finished its OA-7 mission on Sunday with destructive reentry performed week after successful unberthing from Unity Nadir berthing port. Cygnus finished its lasting 43 days mission on Sunday. Vehicle was launched from the Cape Canaveral SLC-41  on the top of the Atlas V in enhanced configuration. Spacecraft delivered […]

Atlas V / OA-7 mission delayed due the problems with hydraulics subsystems

Mission of Orbital ATL Cygnus cargo spacecraft (OA-7), which was scheduled for  March 10, was postponed due the problems with the launch vehicle – United launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. New launch date was set to 21st March 2017 with “not earlier than” status. Mission was planned as commercial resupply flight, with Cygnus S.S. John […]

Atlas V with Cygnus in 2017 !

After troubles with Falcon-9 FT, which caused delay with Dragon spacecraft cargo missions, Orbital ATK seemed to be Deus ex machina with their Antares 230. But due the same reason it seems, that again Orbital ATK will have to rely on Atlas V launch vehicle. According to latest news Orbital ATK is going to resume cooperation […]