NASA’s Defense Department supports space Traffic Management Role to Commerce Department 

The leaders of US strategic and the leaders of NASA have offered their support to the space traffic management role, as the Washington house prepares to take up the bill providing the new traffic management authorities for space management.  According to officials on June 22nd, at a joint hearing of the space house science committee […]

Space Flight and Nausea

The zeal to fly in space is astonishing, but before moving to the deep space, you need to prepare yourself for the same. You may also get nauseatic during the journey. The possibility to have a spaceflight is now open to all. Jeff Bezos wants to make it a reality in less than a year. […]

Should give space traffic management role to Commerce Department, NASA and defense department claim

As preparation of the bill to provide Commerce Department the role of space traffic management proceed, NASA and U.S Strategic Command claimed it to be a good move.  The officials met for a joint hearing of the strategic forces subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee and space subcommittee of the House Science Committee on […]

Jeanette Epps on Removal from Space Mission

Jeanette Epps, a NASA astronaut, in an interview at the annual Tech Open Air festival talked about her startling removal from an assignment to go to space this year. The aerospace engineer has been removed from the mission months before the launch date. She has also been a former CIA analyst. In 2009, she became […]

Scientists from the North-western, sending 20 Mice to Space  

To learn more on the physiological effects of living in space, scientists, as a part of a North-western led mission are launching twenty laboratory mice on to the orbit by next week.  Fred Turek and Martha Vitaterana, both North-western scientists are leading a NASA funded project on the study of space’s near gravity-free environment affecting […]

Tool tested for space navigation

A tool which has helped the sailors to travel miles in the ocean for many years will now be used inside the International Space Station. It is a device which will work as a navigation tool and help to gauge the potential emergencies taking place within the space. It will also be used for guiding […]

NASA is in the process of testing a device which will protect space travelers from being stranded in space

It doesn’t matter how many times an astronaut has traveled into the unending darkness above the Earth; there is always a fear of ending up stranded. NASA recognizes this and is in the process of testing a “cosmic compass” which will guide space travelers back home. The device is similar to a “sextant,” which uses […]