SETI after 25 years – A nudge by Congress

The search for alien civilization in the broader space had begun from the year 1992 when the radio telescopes in California as well as Puerto Rico both started observing the night sky to get appropriate signals. However, this search got over within a year. This was declared over by the Senator of Nevada named Richard […]

SpaceX all set to launch newest Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX is all ready to start the most advanced version of the Falcon 9 rocket. The highly developed missile is all set to leave the Earth’s surface and reach out to space on May 10. The Falcon 9 “Block 5” booster is ready to be launched after it cleared a prelaunch static-fire test that was […]

Helium found on Comet like-world

Very surprisingly, scientists have found the trace of helium in the atmosphere of an alien world, as per the reports of a new study that is being conducted. The findings have shown it is entirely possible to study the atmospheric nature of some of the exoplanets without thinking of launching a new telescope for this […]