Get ready for Expedition 50/51 !

Preparing for Expedition 50/51 entered into last phase on Earth and on International Space Station. After landing of Soyuz MS-01 with Anatoly Ivanishin, Kate Rubins and Takuya Onishi, International Space Station have been occupied only by three crew members: Commander Shane Kimbrough from NASA and Sergey Ryzhikov with Andrei Borisenko, flight engineers from Roscosmos. Expedition 50 with […]

Perfect Universe to the best worlds 

The ESA’s Paris headquarters or logged in online with a group of scientists across the globe witness the moment when the mission has revealed the image of cosmos. This image is taken with microwaves.  The light, which is visible at small wavelengths. Majorly, it had been generated at the starting of the universe.  The light, […]

NASA Celebrates Women in Space marking its significant 60th Anniversary with Grace Potter

Celebrating NASA’s 60th anniversary earlier in this month at The Kennedy Space Center, Washington, D.C., space enthusiasts and music lovers alike enjoyed the evening when Grace Potter struck a chord with them as she performed with the NSO (National Symphony Orchestra) Pops.  Potter, who is a Grammy-nominated recording artist and has charming stage presence, was […]