NASA’s mission of sending crew into deep space may incur a lot of cost.

According to reports NASA is soon going to launch its first astronauts into the deep space since the Apollo Program space Launch system rocket was planned. Till now this news has no official confirmation from NASA. Few weeks’ back a speculation was reported that mission planners at the space agency have started designing the Exploration […]

Robot Bees On Mars

According to CBS local NASA has shown its intentions on whatever they are planning to do in space exploration. The space agency has released news that they are working on building a swarm of robot bees that will fly on the surface of the Red Planet. A press release on 30th march claimed that they […]

Could Boeing’s Starliner Spacecfraft Be The Next Step For Reaching The Moon And Beyond?

Boeing’s first crewed spaceflight to the International Space Station may take longer than it was scheduled initially. Boeing’s Starliner Capsule was scheduled to take astronauts to the international space station for two weeks but NASA is thinking of extending the trip be at least 6months,there is also a possibility that NASA will add a third […]

Can Humans Conceive In Space?

When we talk about space very extraordinary ideas cross our minds, people ask themselves a lot of weird questions when it comes to space. You remember when people were asking if human beings can survive in space? Then it was proven that they indeed can live in space. Scientists have conducted studies to understand space […]

Why NASA Wants To Extend Boeing’s First Crewed Flight To The International Space Station

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is determined to launch crewed spaceflights to the international Space Station from U.S and for this reason NASA has been looking for private commercial space companies to take over the launch of crewed spaceflights. NASA has contracted both Boeing and SpaceX to pursue the crewed spaceflight launch back […]

NASA Proposed For Six 2018 Webby Awards

NASA hard work in digital communication has made it be acknowledged with a nomination for six Webby awards. This is the highest glory for online communications. Its efforts in the research on the information about the solar eclipse and the passing of one of its most victorious planetary project made 2017 the best year for […]

One of the Main Contractors, Boeing Will Have Its First Crewed Blast Off in Space – Flight Is More than Just a Test

Boeing’s first test flight is designed more than just its sole purpose. From the preceding days just this month, NASA had announced that they already have an update about its commercial crew contracts with one of the main contractors, Boeing Company. To be exact, Boeing was one of the two main contractors, together with Space […]