NASA Uncovers Its Plans On Having Astronauts Orbiting The Moon In 2025   

It is expected that NASA will be very busy in 2019. During the Space Symposium conference in Colorado Springs, William Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator revealed that NASA would start awarding contracts for its lunar “Gateway” project. Its main goal is to have four astronauts that will orbit around the moon in 2015.  NASA has already started […]

No spectacular base, but highly automated manned exploration – Russian vision of first Lunar mission

Roscosmos is still considering Moon as important point in their plan of gradual increasing scale of their space program; after decades of delay and intense exploration of Low Earth Orbit, Moon regained his place in future plans of space exploration – first mission of Russian cosmonauts will be preceded by robotic exploration to provide conditions […]

Moon’s ownership

Who has the ownership for the moon? Can any human have it? One such incident has happened in the US. A lady has sued NASA for keeping the dust from Moon with her.  Laura Cicco has assertively claimed that Neil Armstrong gave her the dust as a gift. However, NASA has not asked her to […]

Shijian-10 returned to Earth !

Chinese returnable research satellite Shijian-10 (SJ-10, NORAD ID: 41448) successfully returned after 12 days space journey to Earth. Satellite returned three days earlier than it was previously announced (mission was described with duration of 15 days). It was launched at 17:38 GMT on April 5, 2016 and spent 12 days remaining on LEO at 220 km x […]

Is Angara-A5V still as Russian moon rocket of choice ?

Roscosmos decided about developing Angara-A5V rocket as future launch vehicle designated for Moon mission. Program still keeps the schedule even if final date is moving forward in time. Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center have just finished first phase (preliminary stage) of designing Angara-A5v rocket. Project was developed in cooperation with RKK Energia, one […]

Chinese Mars rover to reach Red Planet on 2021 !

China planned unmanned Mars mission for 2020 and became undisputable leader in Asian space race. Chinese scientists decided to unveil some details about their Mars program. Thanks to Xinhua news agency we know more about plans for increasing Chinese presence in Mars race. According to information which was given to public, China is going to send to Mars […]