H-IIA with Michibiki-3 scrubbed

Today JAXA rocket H-IIA with Michibiki-3 navigation satellite was not launched from Yoshinobu Launch Complex at Tanegashima Space Center as it was planned. Official reason declared by MELCO was the technical problems with propulsion of the launch vehicle. It is second time when Michibiki-3 launch is delayed. First time mission was postponed for 24 hours from […]

Ariane 5 successfully deploys three satellites in orbit

Orbital ATK, an American aerospace manufacturer and global leader in aerospace and defense technologies announced the successful launch of the HYLAS 4 commercial communications Ka-band satellite aboard an Arianespace rocket Ariane 5 on 5 April 2018. The satellite is built by the company for Avanti Communications Group plc. (Avanti) to provide high speed and affordable […]

Super Low Altitude Test Satellite planned for fiscal year 2017

Japanese space agency JAXA decided to launch their Super Low Altitude Test Satellite already in fiscal year 2017. This spacecraft was designed specially to conduct tests of flight on extremely low orbit – even beyond altitude of 180 km. According to JAXA launch of the H-IIA rocket with SLATS vehicle under the fairing is possible in […]