NASA’s Curiosity and Opportunity on Martian dust storms

NASA’s, ‘Curiosity rover’, uninterrupted and actively, receiving electricity from radioactive sources, continues its scientific crusade even when a dense layer of dust that on the other side of the planet continues to famish the aging ‘Opportunity rover.’  The plutonium-powered Curiosity has witnessed an all-encompassing dust storm on Mars. Even though the conditions on Mars are […]

Superalloys to help reach Mars

While astronauts, who are retiring, doubt the possibility of reaching Mars, super-efforts are being made to use super-alloys in rocket raptor engines. Elon Musk again tweeted that the launch company SpaceX is preparing to create a cutting-edge combination of metals called superalloys. These superalloys will increase the efficiency and reliability of the engine of the […]

Take a sneak at what’s killing NASA’s Opportunity Rover – The Martian Storm

With the current dust storm encircling Mars, NASA’s Opportunity rover has been seriously hit with critically low battery levels. First spotted on 30th May, the intense storm covers almost a quarter of the planet and threatening to end the 14-year life of Opportunity by blocking light. These dust storms on the Red Planet has been […]

Mars and its Curiosity

The red planet often gathers news and attention. Nasa just wrote a fantastic reply to NTS’s funky email about offering them free parking on NASA. The space mission Curiosity has raised everybody’s curiosity since the day it left planet earth and reached Mars. Space exploration has reached a level where there is no more looking […]