Has Life Originated From Other Parts of Space?

Individuals who scan for outsiders on Earth are likely reasoning of minimal green men and flying saucers in the sky, yet imagine a scenario in which they ought to take a gander at limbs in the ocean. A current paper guarantees that octopuses and different cephalopods have their birthplaces on an alternate planet, brought here […]

NASA’S Mission of knowing Mars better

Landing on the red planet, Mars has been done by NASA almost six years back. Presently, a robotic geologist is in the making as it will be sent to Mars for getting deeper information about the planet. A spacecraft named Mars InSight is said to take the pause of the planet and also take measurements […]

Martians Exist

Several space agencies collaborate in a large sample of the Telefónica Foundation on the red planet. Yes, Martians exist. Not because the hope of finding life on Mars has grown a lot since we Earthlings have been observing it, which is about five millennia. Or dreaming about it, which will be about 100,000 years, from […]

Discovery Of Aliens On Planet Mars

The conditions that are essential for life to survive have developed gradually as days goes by. Understanding how aliens can exist in an abnormal environment is being pushed by scientists as they try to determine the possibility of their survival in unusual habitats. Apart from the earth, life could exist on other planets. However, this […]

Is the Soil of Mars too dry to sustain life? 

We all know that for surviving in life, water is required. There is life persists in the driest surroundings on Earth. Then, how dry is too dry? At what point is surrounding is extreme for microorganisms or the smallest resilient life forms to survive? These questions are essential for the scientists to search for life […]

Dusty Mars? Here’s why

Mars faced a dust storm recently, and we all were wondering if the satellites we planted on the red planet will survive the rain or not. There is a lot of dust on the planet red, but were from so much of dirt came and encapsulated the planet? At John Hopkins, the scientists discovered the […]