8th EVA at International Space Station

Only five days after previous EVA commander Randy Bresnik and flight engineer Mark Vande Hei again has left ISS and finished second and second part of service action covering replacing LEE grapplers of Canadarm2. 11 October 2017 – This time space walk took six hours 26 minutes, 30 minutes less than previous EVA. This time […]

Canadarm2 returns to game after 7th EVA in 2017

Last Thursday, on October 5, two NASA astronauts, Randy Bresnik and Mark Vande Hei, performed service action to help keep Canadarm2 operational.  Even if Canadarm2 usually works perfectly and supports astronauts inside International Space Station in their work, sometimes it fails. Delivered to ISS in 2001 during STS-100 inside trunk of  Endeavour Space Shuttle remains attached […]