NASA CubeSats Steer Towards Mars

NASA can now relax about the two CubeSats entering into space. NASA’s CubeSats MarCo-A and MarCo-B are the first CubeSats to venture into deeper space. NASA was nervous about their success in space, but the two CubeSats have managed to maneuver to Mars.  MarCo-A and MarCo-B were launched on May 5, and they have just […]

MarCo CubeSats Captures Distant Photo of Earth On Its Way to Mars

One of NASA’s MarCo CubeSats that launched with the Insight Mars lander on May 5 has sent a photo of planet earth to NASA. The CubeSats called MarCo-A and MarCo-B also called Eva, and Wall-E respectively are trendsetters. They are trendsetters because they are the first CubeSats that have ventured into deep space. The photo […]