Earth’s long-awaiting magnetic field mystery Turbulence solved by NASA space crafts

Nasa receives amazing news when a fleet of their spacecraft become successful in solving the historical mystery about the magnetic field of Earth. They were hoping to find out this technique for a long time. Their scientists got data from the four spacecraft that unrevealed the much-needed information about the energy in the magnetic fields […]

Magnetic Discovery in Turbulent Space near Earth by NASA

Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft (MMS) of NASA has detected the magnetic activity in the surrounding near Earth in a new way. The high-energy particles have surrounded the planet, and these are protective magnetic field deflected by the magnetosphere. When Earth’s magnetic field absorbs the energy, it can endanger the astronauts, spacecraft and satellites in space. This […]

The Spacecraft by NASA reveals a new phenomenon in Earth’s magnetic field

In a groundbreaking discovery made by a satellite of NASA, scientists have succeeded in observing a phenomenon called magnetic reconnection. This process took place in the Earth’s outer atmosphere, in a particularly turbulent area. Fundamentally, the process serves to drive away a stream of plasma (charged particles) which is released from the Sun. It converts these […]