China Launching Relay Satellite geared towards Moon’s 

China will dispatch the next piece of its goal-oriented automated lunar investigation program on Sunday (May 20). This is if all things continued as indicated by design. The nation Queqiao relay satellite is intended to lift off on a Long March 4C rocket on Sunday from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province. Queqiao […]

Chinese Relay Satellite with a mission to reach Moon’s Dark Side

China becomes successful in launching a space shuttle with a mission to explore the far side of the Earth’s natural satellite Moon.  The Queqiao relay satellite launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on 21st May 5.28AM as per the Chinese Local Time. This satellite is on its mission for reaching a gravitationally stable spot […]

China’s Gaofen-5 Satellite Sends Data Back to Earth

The Chinese satellite, Gaofen-5 that the country recently launched has sent data to earth. One of the Institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that they have successfully tracked and received data from the satellite. The size of the data is 60GB within a 9 minutes 32 seconds time frame. The satellite sent the […]

Chinese Satellite launched to monitor environmental problems

China has possessed the capacity to dispatch non-military personnel worked Satellite that is intended to review the earth. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation made the satellite. This satellite will screen land, water assets, air contaminations, ozone depleting substances and other natural conditions. The satellite that was named ‘The Gaofen 5 environmental monitoring satellite’ was […]

Long March 4C delivers to orbit Fengyun-3D

On November 14, 2017 CNSA launched Long March 4C rocket with Fengyun-3D meteorological satellite under the payload fairing. Launch was performed yesterday at 18:35 UTC  from the LC9 Launch Complex at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi Province. Satellite is representing second generation of Chinese polar orbit weather satellites. It is fourth from FY-3 series which will […]

Progress MS-04 – reasons of anomaly.

Do not praise the day before the sunset – this phrase will be surely remembered by Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, who said on November 29, 2016: “The Russian space industry has made a significant breakthrough in the creation of advanced technologies after overcoming a series of defeats, hurtful accidents and catastrophes and […]

Relay satellite launched by China

Picture provided by Innovative Solutions In Space Taking a step ahead for the mission to moon’s far side China has launched a relay satellite. This is one major accomplishment of China’s space agency as moon’s far side is one of the areas of experiment and research since a long time. This spacecraft will help to pave […]

China’s to cover the Moon’s Far Side – The Relay Satellite Launch

There was a recent successful launch of a spacecraft in China. That is a milestone given the fact that the mission is a great deal. In the course of the year, the country will take a mission to the far side of the moon. It will be one of a kind. It is the first […]