Huiyan delivered to orbit !

Chinese Space Agency achieved another milestone in their program of space exploration – Long March 4B delivered yesterday to orbit first orbital X-ray telescope designed and made in China. On June 15th at 03:00 UTC Chinese Long March 4B rocket took off from launch pad 603 at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Launch Complex 43 with weighing […]

Long March 4B launched with Shijian-16-2 on atop

China launched their experimental satellite Shijian-16-2 today from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. It is second Shijian-16 satellite-first was launched on October 25, 2013. It was 231st mission of Long March rocket. Again CNSA surprised us with launch of the rocket; this time launch was performed with technology demonstrator satellite on atop. Only information about planned launch […]

Long March 4B launched with Ziyuan-3-2 on atop

Today at 03:17 GMT Chinese launch vehicle Long March 4B lifted to orbit high resolution imaging satellite Ziyuan-3-2 along with two additional spacecrafts-two commercial Argentinian NuSat-1 & NuSat-2 imaging satellites.  Launch was planned and performed from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center’s LC9 launch platform. Rocket was launched punctually at 03:17 GMT with three spacecrafts under payload fairing: Chinese […]

Gaofen-4 launched two days earlier – already on the orbit !

Gaofen-4, first Chinese Geostationary remote sensing satellite have been launched earlier than expected – on 28 December 2015. It was loud afternoon in Xichang Satellite Launch Center. At 16:05 GMT, Long March 3B rocket with Gaofen-4 on atop starting to lift off. It is third Gaofen series satellite launched by CNSA, fifth of Gaofen constellation. After approximately of […]

New Chinese observation satellite Gaofen scheduled for 30th December 2015 !

CNSA after postponing launch of Gaofen-4 satellite to 30th December 2015 still keeps schedule – last launch in this year we will see in Chinese Xichang satellite center. Gaofen-4 satellite is scheduled for 30th December 2015. China National Space Administration is developing its program of high resolution imaging satellites (Gao Fen means in Chinese “high resolution”) under […]

Chinese chameleon – Yaogan-28 satellite was launched today on atop of Long March 4B rocket

China is still far from full giving to public their space plans. Due this fact, sometimes about launches we are informed post factum. This time China surprised public with information about launching Yaogan-28 satellite today at 07:06 UTC. According to, main objective in this mission are purely scientific: “The satellite will be used for […]