Reusable technology with first full success !

It is not hard to write simple summary of the SES-10/Falcon-9 mission; SpaceX managed to show that reusable technology is not a myth. It was second launch of first stage of Falcon-9 rocket which managed to land on drone ship for the second time in its service history. This is true success of this mission in spite […]

Weather still stops launch of the Falcon-9 with Echostar-23 under the fairing

After first attempt of launch Falcon-9 FT rocket with Echostar-23 communications satellite, which was performed according to schedule yesterday was interrupted by heavy rains at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Launch was postponed to Tuesday morning hours, but still it seems that bad luck followed this mission. This time instead heavy rains mission was interrupted by […]

SpaceX postpones CRS-10 for 24 h

It not bad weather interrupted CRS-10 mission as it was predicted before. Launch was halted in the last moments before ignition due the technical reasons. More positive weather forecasts from Friday, which mentioned that chance for launch increased from 50% to 70% turned out to be truth. Launch was possible and refueling process along with […]

OSIRIS-REx has landed !

Yesterday space probe OSIRIS-REx (Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security – Regolith Explorer) was delivered onboard of C-17 Globemaster III from Buckley Air Force Base near Denver to Kennedy Space Center. After arriving to Kennedy Space Center it was schedule to extract OSIRIS-REx from container today. Further tests in Kennedy Space Center will cover in following days: […]

SpaceX and Boeing are getting closer to first ISS manned mission

NASA announced about contracting with SpaceX manned mission into a space. Another step in the increasing commercial contribution in manned space missions has been done. NASA announced that SpaceX will be contractor for next manned mission to International Space Station. First mission was contracted in May 2015, with Boeing – another participant in Commercial Crew Transportation Capability […]

Orion spacecraft EM-1 mission with no delay

NASA and main contractor Lockheed announced that one of the program milestones of has been reached. Orion spacecraft and SLS launch vehicle are great hopes of NASA. After rising budget for these two projects for 2016 fiscal year, news about reaching important point in project development is confirmation about possibility of NASA to keep the […]

Falcon overloaded with knowledge – Falcon Heavy rocket under the Space Test Program 2 scheduled on October 2016

First contracted launch of Falcon Heavy is scheduled on October 2016. This time payload is provided by U.S. Air Force under the Space Test Program 2. Planned launch site will be Kennedy Space Center LC-39A, USA. SpaceX is continually expanding its offer for government agencies and Department of Defense. Launch scheduled on October 2016 will be research mission under […]

A rise after defeat – test launch of Falcon Heavy from LC-39 in Kennedy Space Center scheduled on May 2016

SpaceX is planning test launch of their new Falcon Heavy rocket. Previous flight on 28th June in 2015 was interrupted by explosion after 2 minutes 19 seconds after start. On growing space service market competition and customers are demanding. In spite of medium weight rockets (where SpaceX with Falcon-9 1.2V has strong position), customers need rockets with […]