Tianhe-1 planned for 2018-2019

After ESA confirmation for extending operational life of International Space Station and previous launching Tiangong-2 space station by CNSA, Low Earth Orbit seems to become as busy as 16 years ago, when it was occupied by first modules of ISS and reaching its last days Russian Mir. Now it seems, that we will see another […]

Dragon already after splashdown !

SpaceX Dragon automatic spacecraft performed correct splashdown in the waters of Pacific Ocean and finished eight missions contracted under Commercial Resupply Services program. Everything went according to plan. Yesterday after command given by Tim Peake, operator of Canadarm2, at 13:19 GMT Dragon was released and started to move away from ISS. After three burns of […]

340 days in space – Scott Kelly, welcome back on Earth !

Everything was according to plan, Expedition 46 Soyuz TMA-18M return safely to Earth after leaving International Space Station. Punctually at 21:43 GMT Sergey Volkov, Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko closed the hatch of Soyuz TMA-18M and docked to Poisk module on International Space Station. Sergey Volkov took commander’ seat, Mikhail Kornienko took a role of board engineer on the left […]

Au revoir Cygnus !

After 72 days remaining docked to ISS, Cygnus spacecraft (S.S. Deke Slayton II, OA-4) left International Space Station and started its last flight.  Mission finished, just like operational life of Cygnus OA-4. After 72 days being docked into Node-1 Nadir Common Berthing Mechanism (since 9 December 2015), it started today procedure of unberthing. Of course it could not […]

International Space Station maneuver before next docking planned on 17th February

Necessary maneuver of ISS before next docking of Soyuz TMA-20M is planned for 17th February 2016. It was announced on 1 February 2016 that ISS would change its orbit due the planned for March series of activities with visiting spacecrafts. Maneuver will start on 17 February 2016, commands will be sent from RKA Mission Control Center placed in Korolyov, […]

Busy days on International Space Station !

It seems that crew members on International Space Station have busy time even more than usual. To planned duties they had to add checking leaking suit used by Tim Kopra on recent spacewalk. Recently life on ISS became more excited than usual due the leaking spacesuit worn by Tim Kopra during 192nd spacewalk. To remind, on 15th […]

Minor problems during today’s ISS spacewalk

Problems with Tim Kopra space suit caused earlier termination of spacewalk. This spacewalk should be as usual successful for 100%, but technical issues caused that Tim Kopra and Tim Peake were ordered to come back to Quest airlock. Main objective, removing and reinstalling Sequential Shunt Unit – SSU, was accomplished, life and health of both […]

Tomorrow’s ISS spacewalk confirmed !

NASA confirmed officially that tomorrow members of ISS crew will perform spacewalk. Management of ISS decided that Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Tim Kopra will try to fix blocked rail platform with Canadarm2 robotic arm. Lasting 3 to 3.5 hours spacewalk will start at 13Ł10 GMT. It will be third spacewalk for Scott Kelly (EV1, […]

Busy time before Christmas – surprizing EVA for servicing ISS

It seems that crew on International Space Station will spent time before Christmas not on the wrapping presents. NASA announced on 18 December 2015 about necessity of spacewalk performed on ISS. It is not planned EVA – after last spacewalk for repair cooling system of the ISS (which took place on 6 November, 2015 – […]

International Space Station repaired – sucessful space marathon finished

Yesterday NASA announced about finishing extraordinary space walk on ISS. Nothing is perfect. It is truism, but refers also to high-end space technology which is ISS. Yesterday on 6th November 2015, at 1030 GMT Station commander Scott Kelly and flight engineer Kjell Lindgren began lasting almost eight hours extravehicular activity for repairing leaking cooling system. […]