MarCo CubeSats Captures Distant Photo of Earth On Its Way to Mars

One of NASA’s MarCo CubeSats that launched with the Insight Mars lander on May 5 has sent a photo of planet earth to NASA. The CubeSats called MarCo-A and MarCo-B also called Eva, and Wall-E respectively are trendsetters. They are trendsetters because they are the first CubeSats that have ventured into deep space. The photo […]

Juno Shows the Beautiful Whirling Clouds of Jupiter

 The Juno spacecraft has always been delighting people by sharing fantastic information and images related to Jupiter. The spacecraft has once again done its job well! It has recently shared few more enticing images. These images depict the beautiful whirling clouds floating in the atmosphere of Jupiter. These clouds look very enthralling and unique and […]

NASA will launch a satellite with the purpose of investigating Mars to its very core, revealing its hidden secrets.

Named the Insight lander, the itinerary dictates that it will be launched by a United Launch Alliance Atlas V Rocket on Saturday (5th May 2018) in California, from its Vandenberg Air Force Base. Assuming that things go well, the spacecraft, which happens to be solar-powered, will land on Mars on the 26th of November, 2018. […]

Richard White Takes Its Stands for the SSL Used to Build Interface for NASA JPL’s Europa Flyby Mission 

SSL, which is a former Maxar Technology company based in Palo, Alto and a leading provider of the most innovative spacecraft systems and satellites had announced that they were chosen by NASA’s JPL for the mission. Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) had selected SSL in order to design and create some of the most critical equipment […]

Juno started to power its scientific payload !

After successful Jupiter Orbit Insertion performed on July 4, we have good news from Juno. Its scientific payload was turned on and it seems to work nominally. To remind, Juno space probe was performing JOI with turned off onboard instruments to prevent any interruption of flight control systems and reduce power consumption. Instruments were shut down […]

Juno arrived !

NASA Juno space probe entered Jupiter’s orbit and is in perfect condition.  It was most important moment during Juno’s mission which lasts since 2011 and impressive show of JPL abilities for developing and operating deep space probes. After performing two deep space maneuvers and orbit corrections on June 16, 2016 (first two burns of main […]